How To Buy&Sell Bitcoin Safely

No Verification

CoinDark makes it easy to convert your local currency into bitcoin and back. You don't have to reveal your identity and we don't care how are you going to spend your bitcoin neither where did you get it. Just follow the instructions below to buy or sell bitcoin fast and secure.

1. Place your order

Mail us ( amount you want to buy or sell and your PGP public key (recommended). You will get e-mail with information for MoneyGram/Western Union transfer (for buyers) or bitcoin address (for sellers).

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2. Confirm transfer

After transaction is complete e-mail us full sender's info and your btc address (for buyers) or info for MoneyGram/Western Union transfer (for sellers). It's strongly recommended to PGP all sensitive info like addresses, names, etc.

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3. Get your coins

After transaction is confirmed we send you bitcoin or money. Now you are free to use your bitcoin on the Darknet markets or anywhere you want.

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Questions and Answers

Q. What is your exchange rate?

A. Our exchange rate is the same with

Q. Do you charge any fees?

A. We buy your bitcoin without any fees. We charge 10% fee from buyers.

Q. How long whole process takes?

A. Normally we can proceed your order within 3-4 hours. Sometimes it takes up to 12 hours.

Q. Can I store my bitcoin on your site?

A. We are planing to provide our users with online wallets. We are working on this feature.

Q. Any other payment methods?

A. Now we accept and send only Western Union/MoneyGram and bitcoin transfers. We are going to use PayPal also.

Q. Can you transfer bitcoin to my Darknet Market account?

A. We can transfer bitcoin to any address. Just give us your bitcoin address and it will be there in few hours.

Q. Do you store information you get from me?

A. No, we don't. We destroy all data you give us after transaction is complete. Besides in most cases you can give fake name to MoneyGram and Western Union.

Q. Is your bitcoin clean?

A. Yes, you can use it in legal stores if you want.